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How To Use the Clicks Calculator

One of the most common challenges in SEO reporting is showing non-branded organic entrances to a clients site. Google encrypts most keyword data. SEO tools are based off “maybe” models depending on where you rank for a keyword. There’s no way to see what keywords are bringing in what.

So how do you know your SEO strategy is even working? 

The Clicks Calculator makes the invisible, visible. You can see if organic entrances are coming from a clients name in Google search, or if all that content you’re publishing is actually making a difference. It uses a ratio model to estimate how many visits your site gets from branded vs. non-branded keywords using Google Search Console data:

Here’s how it works. 

1. Log in to your Google Search Console account.

Hover over the Total Clicks box. Add that number to the total clicks section in the calculator. 


3. Click over into


4. Under the queries containing drop box, add the company name. If people search for your company name with spaces or variations, be sure to add a piece of the full name. In this case, we use the term
“many” to cover all branded queries related to the company.


5. Hover over the
Total Clicks box. Add the number to the Branded Clicks Sample section in the calculator. 


6. Click over into
Query. Change the dropbox to Queries not containing and leave the same search term as before. 

7. Click
Apply. Hover over the Total Clicks box and add the number to the Non-branded Clicks Sample section in the calculator. 




For this example, we have
73,137 total clicks, 15,128 non-branded sample clicks, 9,886 branded sample clicks. Let’s plug into the calculator and see what we get. 

Why Use the Clicks Calculator? 

It’s rooted in your own data. Google Search Console tracks the total amount of clicks to a site, but it can’t tell you how much comes from which keyword — it’s a sample. It’s directional. 


Many companies measure performance based on SEO tools, however, they are not always accurate. Traffic never matches up because it can’t. When they “track” entrances, they are really saying “this is how many clicks you should be getting based on where you rank for this keyword.”


Now do I hate SEO tools? Of course not. I love Ahrefs. I use it for my client work. But after weeks of back and forth with one client about non-branded entrances to their website, I wanted to find a way to make that visible. The Clicks Calculator makes that happen. 


The idea came from two SEO’s and a content strategist. The formula developed by an engineer. And together, we want to help you show better results for clients, so, really, you can prove your value as a marketer and make more money. 


Feel free to reach out on Twitter @upmostmike with any questions, comments, suggestions, or funny GIFs. 


With love,
Michael Keenan