From case studies to targeted articles (think Forbes Technology Council), emails and
blogs. I write content thats on brief, budget, and deadline.

My copywriting services are broken down into 3 groups: content writing, script writing, and lead generation.

Content Writing: When you’re battling a mass of new content from competitors, average content doesn’t do the trick. You need show-stopping, informative, never-the-same, content thats strategic and drives action. I write sharp and well-informed content for different content formats including use cases, blogs, ebooks, case studies and more to fuel any part of your funnel.

Script Writing: Explainer videos are one of the best communication tools in a brands marketing kit. But it comes at a cost — you need to tell a story. Spitting up a bunch of features with high-quality animations doesn’t engage anyone. Your script will make or break your video. I direct and write scripts that bring audio and visual together to help buyers understand your process and product with greater ease.

Lead Generation: Your marketing campaign should be centered around one thing: the sale. Nurturing and walking leads through your funnel is only as effective as the content that shapes it. Emails, downloadable stuff, handbooks, and more help you get leads ready for your lovely sales team.

To see how I can help, give me a call at +1 (631) 317-2084, or shoot me an email at hello@michaelkeenan.co

Michael is a joy to work with. He does excellent, creative work in a timely fashion. He is also fun to collaborate with, either remotely, or in person. Michael has helped me expand my own skills by sharing his experience with me and my colleagues. I’m honored to be able to recommend Michael.

— Justine Platt, Consultant at Tasteful Designs


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